a love of nature and art

Ever since I was a child growing up in Spokane, Washington, I've loved animals, nature, and art.  I was always drawing and painting or caring for an assortment of animals that included a guinea pig, rabbit, frogs, lizards, and a horse.  Family life revolved around the outdoors.  My father was a respected outdoorsman, writer, and photographer, and my mother was a vivacious English woman who offered a smile and friendly word to everyone she met.  I cherish memories of family outings to neighboring lakes and streams around Spokane and Northern Idaho, fishing excursions with my dad that offered opportunities to identify flora and fauna, and annual family vacations on the Oregon Coast, which is still one of my favorite places.

I've worked in the Seattle area for many years in advertising and marketing, which has given me an appreciation for the power of iconic imagery and succinct messaging.

I currently live in Tacoma, Washington – an ideal place for nature photography.  I’m two hours away from the ocean, Mount Rainier NP, and the dry sagebrush interior.  One of the top national wildlife refuges, Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually NWR, is 40 minutes away from my home. 

I’m both a nature photographer and an avid birder, so you’ll notice that many of my images feature birds.  I enjoy photographing all wildlife, however – from ladybugs to bears.  It is my hope that my photography raises awareness of all our fellow creatures and inspires appreciation for nature’s inherent beauty.

I strive for truth in my photography, so what you see in my photos is what I viewed in the field.  When it suits the photo, I do make changes in coloration for aesthetic and artistic purposes – including black and white and sepia tone - but I don’t add or remove major elements such as a bird, a branch, or even a cloud. 

I also treat my subjects with the utmost respect.  I use natural light, I don’t bait animals, and I try to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible when I’m around them.  My greatest joy is when they calmly accept my presence or not even know I’m there.

As the Trappist monk and theologian Thomas Merton said regarding his passion for photography, the camera serves “as an instrument of contemplation.”

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the beauty I witness.  This happened on Mount Rainier one day as I was walking up the Skyline trail lined with lupine, paintbrush, and heather, completely alone with the mountain looming over me.  This Navajo prayer came to mind, in which to “walk in beauty” means to walk in harmony with all living things:

                                    With beauty before me, May I walk

                                   With beauty behind me, May I walk

                                    With beauty above me, May I walk

                                    With beauty below me, May I walk

                                                With beauty all around me,

                                                            May I walk

                                          Wandering on a trail of beauty,

                                                            Lively I walk.

May you walk in beauty.  Thanks so much for visiting my website.